Friday, January 9, 2009

to close

So if the cdc fail to succeed than hopefully a medical scientist will stumble along one day who finds this to be of at least some use, so bothers to investigate/research all factors of bird mites dramatic & devastating impact on the human body so there can be efforts to end what has already been left far too late to address.
As for me if i die before i'm looked at & tested where i'm sewn will more than likely no longer be connecting due to electromagnetism which accompanies life frequency hence needing life energy to when i cease i can only assume so will the abnormal connectionsthis makes throughout my body.this reason is especially why for me personally i am desperate for progress to be made at once.
Bad news is though- companies don't like to produce new medicines at their own expense & time when could instead produce or improve existing medications & be supported-guarenteed to make money that way rather than it being lost.

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