Thursday, January 8, 2009


SECTION FOUR:- we've reached the end of 2008 now & i find that the worst aspect i suffer through (which as yet haven't found others either who are going through this extent of the condition so don't know if anyone can understand what i'm trying to get across) which is the whole sewn up abnormally hair/skin & nail thing are all made from the exact same substance -Keratin [incredibly once more this was also revealed to me from a tv programme,this time it was one for children!! it's the 2nd time something i had been endlessly complaining about but had never actually looked up came to my attention thanks to being in the right place at the right time (obviously something i haven't made a habit of in the past or i never would have been bitten!)]Better still when i typed it in & found the keratin website i was overcome when i found clearly listed as an already known proven fact that insect bites do indeed cause sudden balding & can mutate the keratin supplies needed for proper growth of skin/hair/nails by altering demosomes or something i think (feel free to check up for exact technicalities-i didn't need to grasp everything on this topic for i already had been given confirmation that all that is happening to me is YES possible & YES thanks to bird mite bites.)Also more back-up about hair & wrong growing/texture/looking aswell as granuales like i get being associated with a secondary fungus or bacterial infection which invades the skin & so much more but you get the basics i'm sure.
Will also add here gm engineering has been suspected by some & i had read that they thought morg (bugs they say but its a mite) bug has been altered & injected with the fluorecence of a jellyfish enabling them to be viewed under uv light glowing yellow-Since keratin taught me about skin diseases/conditions i went on to learn that in fact a woodlamp was the most common diagnostic tool for fungus/bacteria present due to most types glowing under uv however since most common found form has changed from these yellow glowing types in recent times it is not so highly depended upon(some glow other colours like orange not morgellons though).
So to me again i don't see it as gm engineering but further proof all of us sufferers have had & still have our skin under attack by parasites etc. I figure it to be (without access to any lab of course) as a secondary parasite that infected us upon mite bites(but not ruling out just from mites without them being a carrier for other diseases) just see this as reasonable to hypothesise.

While i'm at it i shall mention this aswell. My issues with being sewn up internally from head to toe literally have what feels as if to be an electromagnetic force which connects each pore/follicle that it touches to me head & elsewhere to the strongest pull- again may sound too strange to interpret but i am unable to walk any kind of distance because my knees&calves both start tspasming & again i get this magnectic pull forcing my legs to collapse-unable to maintain my body weight & the elecmag. pull has even stopped me from being able to sleep on magnetic underlays as i become stuck so to speak to the with this electromagnetic issue (which has led me to be curious about EMF harmonisers or neutralisers to help 1st only for it to maybe stop my hair issues but now in 08 having found live mites again maybe to override their frequency signals aswell as boost my bodies natural one) & it's what is always choking my throat to the point of vomiting if not unsewn promptly enough. The bit i was glad to learn in this case is a)our bodies are filled with electricity(at 1st i would get zapped with everything i touched but now has stopped & i get elecmag thing in it's place) b) when i unsew i am sometimes able to unwind my hair directly through the clothes i'm wearing & i've read electromagnetic heat therapy or something equivilent to this name possesses elecmagn. forces that penetrate not just through skin but clothes plaster etc to reach deep tissue & so on- bringing me peace again that although no one else may understand this but more of my worst & crazy sounding symptoms were technically able to occur and are all linked up together - of course i am aware that i have been telling the absolute truth but i hadn't been aware that the connection with my symptoms was spot on - thanks to having to do all this for myself the hard way it has sadly taken me this long.

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