Thursday, January 8, 2009

continued from four

SECTION FIVE:- I learned another significant point surrounding a major reason for critism referring to morg suf. saying they are bitten all over their bodies by something(as i've said what i think is bird mites) & no one else in the house does so they are not believed.For the question why you & not me (in my personal case he got them off himself i was attacked while asleep & so initially he wasn't bitten only i am there target now for what i assume is the same reason as follows) A clinical medicine book cleared this one up for me.It stated that it is not uncommon for only one member of a household to fall victim to becoming a host for anthropod/insect etc bites. I am assuming this would be for the same reason you learn about in nature shows, that once (in this particular case the mites) have found a living host it has no reason to leave it unless it dies so can no longer provide them with their living requirements.Also depending on the organism they send certain either vibrational frequencies / or pheromones as their way to communciate to all the others.Just think with ants you see a trail heading towards a food source in a straight line formation-none stray to search elsewhere because other ants are already calling out to them 'food over here' until they all arrive for their portion to claim for transportation.When they have food they stick to that particular source.Dare i suggest the intial bite victim reflects the desirable frequency for mites to gather round? & they don't jump just crawl so direct contact would have to be made & they would not be receiving tempting signals anyhow.

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