Sunday, January 18, 2009

still sect 3 continued here

So although nanotec. &genetically modified enginireeing aswell as chemtrails bothered me enough to require further attention -due to the fact that i was still unable to discount the fact that the surrounding environments may have altered the mites(as if i'm basing everyone got this from them as i can be certain that's how i got mine) when i consider that mites must be everywhere and yet people only get this in specific zones by the general looks of it, so a mutation requirement might explain why this doesn't freely occur all over the place was still my thinking.
So on my to do list was:-
was a check on Calif. Flor, Qld & S.a for all crops that are identical types/strains & planted in common with eachother(found at all places) such as-wheat, corn (checked cotton because this can infest it easily [only one substance that's among lots of other things]) and whatever varieties they happened to share that were the same accross the range of areas i was to check to all the places i was comparing for matching farming conditions.
my theory was to then manage to identify what chemicals were found in common to these soils spread throughout the designated land- utilised for crop growing without having to run any on site tests. once i had a list of the crops present at all, i could then go to sites on the local area based on agriculture/environment etc. to determine what chemicals/fertilizers/pesticides were used for each to see if they would also match up throughout the areas- creating the mix -& so is why begining in these places- which may be the contaminating ingredient enabling such a mutation to form with success.

that was my first suspicion so i was still seeing as important & needed a look in my mind

2nd Nanotechnology,gen.mod. chemtrails were also on the list to learn about gm & chemtrails may have some kind of possible association to my original personal theory so i desired to know more.

but first since i was going with the birdmite-birds-migration for enabling the spread(if even needed to-if created by chemicals they may just be local but found in many areas) & birds being involved somehow(from my experience) & so on - i initially wanted to check this avenue out, leading me to have typed in -birds human disease from, as my priority.
this showed me they've been identified as the species which holds (making them the carriers of, aswell) as being the actual origin of the source for, all three known base strains of human influenza.
i was concerned by this for the following reasons-
had to reconsider my ability to rule out potentially having my blood being poisoning from the bird blood in my system made me wonder if i'd directly caught some kind of human compatible(but not usually possible to encounter) strain of some disease

- but my real cause for what could be a more of a likely alert was
*my new found awareness of bird/human crossover compatibilities,
* combined with Morgellons seen by some who've studied it as holding the potential to be an epidemic,
*the fact that i learnt that a flu epidemic occurs every few yrs & was overdue
* when it occurs it is always new & more advanced than previously existing forms-ensuring no exact cure can be prepared before it hits

the fact that bird flu was a main suspect for an epidemic - though it's lingering presence suggests it will not be in this particular h5n1 but a further adapted variation again still (how i gather it to work that is).
& the fact that i definately got mine with birds being a significant factor that allowed for this to have had occured was getting me thinking about the possibility that Morgellons may be the next(& already overdue) epidemic. I couldn't discount this when i assessed my immediate impacts from received symptoms/badly affected areas (sinuse;throat;ears;lungs;chest) as the areas of choice to attack with the previously identified killer flu strains i'd felt i had to hold it as possible
that yes perhaps morgellons was the next epidemic yet this time instead of killing the newly invaded host instantly this had advanced to the stage of benefiting itself by now inhabiting long term their debilitated host. disenabling the host from using physical energy instead making them use cellular energy for reproducing more & more of itself-preventing needing a new host relativly quickly once the existing one can no longer survive /so dies as they do with the bird flu etc.Prolonging it's strength,success & existance overall.

i'd then learnt about the 1918 Spanish flu in a documentary & the trenches/disturbed soil/rain conditions appearing got me thinking once more about them all being related to some extent
continued when i can finish it-lots still left

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