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After this event i didn't know where i could turn.My frustration of thinking i was the only one enduring such madness, which had then turned into much appreciated relief upon learning there were others like me -soon made a turn to urgent desperation, now that i had, had my two tastes of how i would be received by the very medical community that we are expected to reach out to for help when we are in need -having then yet alternativly have them react with the refusal of help & leaving me with no doctor at all, just with the instructions to seek a new one, making me more than just a little concerned about who i could tell that would believe me so research into this can commence straight away.What i had already personally theorised as being the entire factors within which added up to the cause that manifestered into the strangeness before awareness of others was established had been this:-I considered it to be a mixture of the co-insiding elements present at the time that i was bitten.I had figured this was produced from a blend of a) having glandular fever in my system b) having a comprimised immunity, c) the soil (which contains many types of live bacteria etc.) when upon being flooded, had allowed for all of the existing contaminaints that had previously settled (such as the pesticides, fertilizers, weed killer & so fourth) to be brought to the surface - creating a pool, filled with not clean, but polluted water, that is containing this entire toxic concocgtion. On top of the usual living bacteria/viruses /other organisms, and the remaining types regular build ups - which are the general contents that make up the normal properties found within soil. So that when - d) the birds had bathed i this, had ended up aiding the mites in achieving an adaptive mutation via these unusual variances not found in their natural occupied environment.I assumed that i must have gotten blood poisoning from both *the infection caused by the bird mites themselves, aswell as * the Starlings blood (already inside the mites from consumption) had been distributed throughout my bloodstream from getting bitten all over, circulating to all my vital organs, eventually succeeding in taking my assigned cellular functions hostage & manipulating them to instead focus on reproducing this invader by the masses because my body was unable to present any resistance since it was already busy defending my body while also attacking the glandular fever which had been dominating my system for some time already leading up to this event.I had assumed that when experienced simultaneously, all of the above had then given the bird mites this destructive ability whereby the bites from them were empowered to have caused my intense pain,debilitation,fatigue -also accompanied by so many other terrible reactions i had begun experiencing uncontrollably like my hair dropping out & the deformity my body has suffered from the internal sewing up of my hair etc..Now having learnt of others, straight away without any hestitaion, i could cancel out Glandular fever as being a required contributing factor for this to be initiated- that was simple- no way would everyone have had this when bitten obviously so it was eliminated without further consideration in my mind .So next, my only idea (now that i realised the extent of the problem, being that it wasn't a nearly impossible condition to create - as had been shown by the multiple recipients of these baffling symptoms & the widespread affected areas where this had been recorded - which is what i had 1st rationalised to myself as how such a thing could even manage to be happening to me) -was to simply resort to typing in - cure/help for morgellons, on the net to see if i could find anything recommended to help treat myself with, that others may have been using to ease their bodies.When this heading was typed, it recovered a site filled with suggestions based on remedies people with this, had trialled - stating which worked, which didn't, aswell as their own recollections of when this had originally happened to them.
Obviously with no cure available,- before i did anything else, i went ahead and did what i was also there needing to do- which was try & find a Doctor who would hear me out & give me (or at least help me find) any useful ways to lessen the destruction my body was battling. Aware of Drs existing in the USA who accept the reality surrounding this infliction, i had posted a question asking if there were any Australians out there reading this who knew of any doctors, who had been of any help. Again the foolish naivity of mine maintained hope that surely it wouldn't be too hard to get through to a person who works in this field, if i could find one who would not immediately judge everything without waiting for any of the facts- if there was someone who would just give me a fair & unbiast chance -by way of simply listening carefully & taking seriously what i had to reveal to them.

i then decided to briefly look into the personal experiences which had been posted on this same site (i only did this on the one site) to check for any similarities to my circumstances, in them & to see if anyone at all had a clue that bird mites did this just like i had been positivly able to conclude.I informed them that i without question got mine from birdmites but also mentioned (just as i've also made sure you know about ) how there was a flooded garden & the soils' contaminants, & how this was caused by water bursting out of a main stormwater pipe that runs through it which had been broken recently from the tree stump removal.I established that -* no-one saw any bird mites/nor knew of being bitten by them* there had been more than one instance with a newly ruptured pipe causing flooded soil in other individuals gardens, at the corresponding time of bites first appearing for them *& that others suspected chemtrails being sprayed on crops, aswell as nanotechnology to be major suspects .With this, from here i :-Should say first that i will later find myself doing this Needlessly, but at the time my concern for humans was indeed great enough to feel obligated to act -so my research began- i felt i had to check to be sure of anything & everything & then try & manage to develop a complete layout of all the components that are essential contributors to the cause of this illness being made possible.So i sifted through alternatives i thought could have mutated the mites.I had not yet learned that they already possess this ability on their own. I'll elaborate on them towards the end -i am including details, in the same order, that i had gained the knowledge in along the way.
This may confuse you but here goes.
Since this is seemingly extremely rare in Australia(personally i have only tracked down 1 on a forum in Qld & one on a radio show Rense i think it was called from Vic & me from Sa-3 of us but varied enough & situated importantly enough to say a few things to me {mentioned along with what i considered as relevance later in section}) Rather than be left made to feel even more confused & isolated by living in a country where this is not only a rare occurance-but also is obviously very distant to where the country is which harbours the majority of case numbers aswell as the 1st reported/recorded case, i had instead felt, i saw an opportunity for confirmation -as i applied all the issues of my own personal experience which bothered me still -not just for whether or not scientifically able to be part of the equation but i decided to also look if present at each of these countries' different locations aswell,based on the fact that australians are the minority group of sufferers & halfway across the world in distance from America(also it having such great numbers in comparison to here )surely to some degree should mean which when based on the fact i can't access any labs for testing, seemed like a decent enough method for separating the useful bits of my research, from the found to be irrelevant ones, as a personal guide -then of course, once all found matters of concern, were established, they could be investigated in depth easily -thanks to the internets infinate knowledge on everything,being contained within easy access making this possible to do without too much drama.

As stated earlier why i had developed it, the method i chose to use for the purpose of determining any point of reference was to check if each factor i was considering as being -in any possible way, able to contribute some kind( -regardless of how little the chance may have actually been), of type of input towards the cause, to see if it had been common to all of the areas reported to be mainly affected within the USA (California & Florida certainly were used for comparison in this process as important ones for me to refer to based on having read that they are problem areas in my initial brief overlook) & if i'd found them to be present in those areas i would then move on to checking out Australias' 3 only known affected states(at least to me that is all i know of, so it's certainly the minimum amount anyway & just enough to have ensured they suit the purpose of my needs) & compare those few & far between, uncommonly affected areas, for the same "link" i was researching at that moment- which had passed so far by being connected to those American regions with the high case numbers. so if the matter of interest could also be found in the 3 Aust. locations (will note that i had allowed for some factors to be seen only in qld{& the USA of course) that i would still classify as noteworthy regardless, egs would have been types of crops,flooding,whereabouts of pesticide usage if i had not managed to find proof of use in Sa & Vic {which didn't end up being an issue anyway} since considering that even though something may be traced as only origin of use was Qld it was still probable that the runoff effect of the rivers which flow southbound until reaching[& bringing with it whatever organisms/substances it contained] that it could still end up in the other 2 states-whose water is supplied from the same river which begins in Queensland{a state renowned for floods,extreme weather conditions,that is also home to a large amount of this countries crops,livestock farms are everywhere-will put here that about 4yrs ago several thousand chickens had to be immediatly destroyed.the cull was ordered due to a fatal unidentifiable illness which was spreading amongst them all rapidly-the government also ordered everything to be burned in massive bon fires,then steralised & re-tested to ensure the environment was clean free of any kinds of disease.}
So back to my point again -being that it's one thing to find all factors to be present in America-since it seemingly began there & has the biggest amount of cases but when Australias isolated rare incidences also hold a direct match to them,it works as the extra backup for me which tops it all off. so what i'd concluded was compare to both regions 1st America to check if existed there,then would check Australia-
Then if i had been successful in matching those ones aswell, i would rate it as a factor worth proper investigating -Sadly , & unfortunatly for me though investigating the specifics of this is something that of course is of the nature that requires a laboratory while being done by those in the field who can access the resources & possess the ability to carry out the ideal tests, which then would ultimately be able to establish in conclusion with accompaning necessary evidence whether or not significance applies in terms of each individual item of issue on the agenda.(which is why,later on after i checked up on everything properly i had ended up sending my findings via email to people who i considered potentially helpful if with maybe even the slightest i could get them to believe me{i would write the details in depth so they could fully comprehend my assessment & review the proof i showed}that was close to 2 years ago now so i think it's safe to say not one of the people associated in any way of potential use who i'd expressed my concerns to took me seriously! )

The part where i began to focus my initial attentions logically had been towards what was on the list of suspects i could narrow down as likely to be cause for possible transmission, having recalled from when i'd found morgellons was inflicted on others apart from only me as i'd asssumed, & so had read their overall outlay of the condition, which acknowledged that no scientist/researcher had as yet encountered an agent reponsible for the disease no matter how much they'd tried,so therefore remaining unattainable until then, is also the common source of transmission-it had (nor could) not even be established without the other factor being known to them first .Again for me-it was just as easy as basing it on my own personal encounter which had been such a dramatic experience since there where overwhelming numbers of birdmites-unlike the researches-having the reasons being that where for them as yet no organism has been isolated as the responsible agent which could then be correctly identified for absolute certainty that it was indeed the one of interest they'd been looking for - i had my biting experience to show for certain the birdmites were to blame so theres the agent uncovered, which meant that next -as for being the answer for it's transmission also was then quite obvious to me.

1st Bird Migration was top of my list as a possible route of overseas transmission. I could already tell this effortlessly, thanks to my mites- from birds- which fly huge distances etc...showing that clearly, it didn't need planes which i'd also been regarding as likely, yet i still held them as another important resource which i'd first thought to be an intelligent assumption to make as having close to being equal probability for spreading this as migration itself did- i changed my view on this very quickly, i personally found it easily able to be dropped off the major concern as possibility options -as i found a simple test to apply to my circumstances. i reconsidered the high importance of planes down to just another potential contributor(i learned it was not a massive player in this )which may assist towards the spread over regions(still seem capable to transmitt this but not needed to /or the main way as i'd been wondering about).
this was simply what
I'd concluded by noting:- a) having learnt about majority of victims in America, b)yet found other sufferers here in Australia in 3 seperate states - NONE of which were in New South Wales- the state where the nations busiest/largest airport is situated - & is our countries' main international gateway- so if it had bypassed this entire area successfully it wasn't specialising in spreading itself via humans travelling on planes(or at least not just strictly limited to using this method exclusivly) they already had an alternative means for this. c) & since they were bird mites that did this to me & birds migrate seasonally over incredible distances then it more then stands to reason that migration was the enabler for endless cases to develop worldwide(or at best-instead of worldwide-be contained to only where the particular species that carry the mites, migrate to) so i went & learned various information based around this topic-since i was now satisfied of this as the transmission route taken most commonly by these mites (that carried this conditions enabling properties already within them) & that it was a great deal more efficient than plane travel so, though not disregarding planes/luggage impact, i still felt safe if i left it there without going further into it.Which took me back in the direction where i was going to begin migration research when i'd then learned a disturbingly scary fact about birds & there link with humans.

What i've learned about birds is:-

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