Friday, January 9, 2009

from five

SECTION SIX:- Since finding keratin (hair skin & nails in my case) to be affected by insect bites & that baldness was a side effect from this i finally decided to look up bird mite classifications & was astonished to discover they are Parastic mites which are capapble not only of spreading illness from themselves directly but also house parasites which spread in the system of the host once bitten. They are one of three in this category another being the tick cause of Lyme Disease which affects humans & that most morgellons patients who are fortunate enough to receive tests return as positive for!Now my wondering really is overbird mites must be the culprit.

So this of course now makes me (still Dec 08) type in Bird mites & morgellons research

This is when my heart really starts pumping. What came up were 3 more hugely important confirmations.In the order i encountered them;- 1st the page gave an article stating exactly this by a random person that bird mites cause morgellons & reasons of value to support this claim.As you realise this entire thing is too odd in all ways for this to be a mere coincidence.i for one am personally eased of much tension finding that someone else is aware of this - it gives purpose to believe we have hope of conquering this.oneday someone will help us.
Secondly:- A site named BirdMiteOrg. (well worth a look)appeared (this could have given me the peace i now have a lot lot earlier)this has been around since 2003 apparently and dec 08 is when i find it! none the less i am still very pleased to have found it without doubt it has majorly relieved me because not only does it show There are many who can tell of their own encounters with bm's & even also ones like myself who are longstanding & now recognise having made the connection that they have morgellons from bird mites(this is where i'll claim that although maybe also due to longstanding it may also have to do with the amount of bites/mites one received as to the extent of the damage incurred this justifies why some people can still work-didn't bald,aren't housebound or suffering my weirdo hair issue & why perhaps they didn't notice the mites due to scarce amount on them). Again cannot be a coincidence people have linked them- not possible who could just match up everything they themselves have lived with & it not be real or caused by this?

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