Friday, January 9, 2009

Final section

FINAL SECTION:- Another fantastic find when i typed in Morgellons research. Dr R. Wymore is currently researching this condition & i think was with the cdc but has now serparated (fairly sure it was them if not some other research team which anyone can look up for themselves for certainty). Seeing as Morg patients have commonly been testing positive for lymes disease (not just this other factors were stated by basically the point is-)he is Certain the cause of morg is DIRECTLY related to the ticks which create lyme disease but has so far been unable to establish which one!!.
Obviously since:-being bitten,finding others with same weirdness,facts known that insects etc deform keratin,others being aware of bird mites & their destruction on the human body due to infestations, and on & on aswell as learning about bird mites classification with ticks, then clearly there is no mystery here!
birdmites are a direct relative of -ticks which cause lyme,lyme related to morg, Dr Wymore found for certain it's definately related to the lyme spreading tick & most importantly i was biten for sure by bird mites & went on to produce symptoms which are identical to morgs.
Undoubtedly my set conclusion is that bird mites are responsible for morgellons!!
waiting for a lab to assist with this thought.

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