Wednesday, January 7, 2009

continued from sect one

SECOND SECTION:- This relief came in July 2006 while sitting up at about 4 in the morning due to the impact of the ongoing effects my body endures.When to the greastest joy i could recall having been filled with in a long time, i saw on the American news(i'm Australian i should note so nov & dec is spring / summer) a segment about 'The Fibre Disease'. It was the very same perculiar occurance i'd been pulling out & monitoring- & it was also going on with others! This was the most exciting thing for me as it showed i wasn't the only one in the world with this -so although having known from the start that these bizarre symptoms commenced simultaneously with having been bitten -i could now disregard having glandular fever/compromised immunity & the rest of the factors present all at once as a requirement for this to be able to occur , i could now be sure that the only prerequisition were the mites alone.They are capable of this just as they are already.So even though the people claiming to have morgellons were labelled as crazy because it was seen to have no apparent obvious cause -i still couldn't contain my excitment of finally being able to visit a dr & burst out all the facts of what was happening to my body(& due to which had effectively ended my life with compliments from the extreme debilitation which accompanies this in my particular case) without having to feel like a total fool.
I was stupid enough to think that something would be done.Once hearing about the mites i thought dr would tell some kind of authoritive medical board or sorts ,making research ,answers to all sufferers questions & a search for the cure possible!
I went on the internet for the first time since we'd had it, to get info to make explaining the weird effects easier & to find what tests could be done - i thought letting the dr read the symptoms & see the images was a less complicated way of informing them about everything (which is why this is where i will request you do the same to save me re-writing them here.I experience identical symptoms to what are listed aswell as the extra parts of hair dropping out & the internal sewing. my symptoms common to Morg are now periodic & alternate at times reasons for which i learned later so are mentioned at the end. I classify the differing severity between cases as being the same outcome as would be if say you were bitten by a venomous snake-if you received a small amount of the toxin injected in your bloodstream the effects [although still definately bad]wouldn't be as drastic as they would have been, had you received a large amount, or similarly if you were bitten by 1 spider you'd get ill, if instead you find yourself bitten by several at once then it is assured your physical health will deteriorate at a greater capacity-leaving you with the same affliction with varying extremes just as with morgellons).

So after the dr looked at the pages i'd assumed i'd have the chance to add any necessary details aswell as showing my identical bites/fibres to this Morgellons condition & most importantly reveal that indeed Birdmites are responsible (i had already lost a dog who was bitten & at this time i also was still concerned about contagion levels being that since initially being bitten i could no longer feel or see the mites on the surface of my body just within- yet when i got pet birds & only after being handled by me they one by one became ill{only the ones i touched} & were gasping and weakened with breathing/mobility problems before dying i wondered if it was transferred through the air or by touch & a new dog we got afterwards also began showing the signs in its fur/paws ,claws sewn up, which made me concerned that maybe fluid transferral would pass it on because this dog had a habit of drinking the other ones urine- yet in 2008 spring summer i saw the mites rise to the surface of my skin again so i now gather the dogs are still carrying them aswell , so just them laying on eachother is enough to manage a transfer by them crawling from one to the other like with headlice)

Anyway back to my boundless naivity & unlimited faith(at the time only- i now see what a disgrace it's representitives truly are) in the medical/health system of today i attempted to share my side of things yet didn't even come close to to getting checked with a microscope or any other examination-certainly no chance to be properly heard - i was instead refused treatment, told to find another dr & had the drs who assess mental illness sent to my home-i won't even get into the unacceptable,rough,rude & not at all qualifying as professional treatment i was given by them.All this even though never in my life have i gone to the dr without it being necessary.Generally whenever i've been sick i've dealt with it,i don't even pop headache tablets instead preferring to let my body manage with it's natural devices,let alone run to the dr for each & every little issue-so why suddenly would i start & since i'd had this since late 04 & i was only seeking medical assistance in July 06 due to establishing i am not the only individual this has happened to(which had been my reason for finally speaking up & tell about bird mites)I had felt obligated to inform the appropriate people so they could act. Yet i got what i got & Amazingly if any one of these drs bothered to ask they would have happily been given a number of witnesses to all of the following:-mites,bites,complete baldness (won't bother adding the most obvious change since bites being i have become permanently ugly due to body & hair being sewn & deformed beyond my control)These odd things are the complete truthful reality i've been forced to cope with, which has turned me into a pathetic joke which is beyond my ability to repair.
SECTION THREE:- what i did next including research etc. this is when it happened but i will write it at the end due to more important things i need to get out first.

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