Friday, January 9, 2009

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Visual signs (i'm adding this again not for approval or to seek people to believe me-[opinions of others have proven insignificant] it's to assist with any research which may at some time develop.)
Since aquiring morg(from bird mites) i have at some stage experienced all the general symptoms aswell as my extra previously mentioned ones. As far as the mites & the fibres were concerned- i had felt them to only be affecting me internally by this stage (4 yrs into it) due to not having exposed sores, no sensations on my skin & very few fibres in comparison to past numbers- & i definately hadn't seen them again in masses only two tiny clear/white baby ones about 2yrs since getting bites.Yet, just when spring came around my skin ruptured in patches -the same way my sewn hair does when it's surfaced & ready to unwind.It finishes as a pimple looking thing-but certainly doesn't feel like one at the spot, yet instead of unsewing -this was intensly itchy & felt very raw to me,so i grabbed my eyeclops bionic eye electromagnetic microscope 200x mag. plugged into a large screen digital tv & took a look.I have found fibres woven into my skin are back and plentiful & this time i found what i hadn't seen since 04(exception of 2 baby clear ones) yes i saw the mites! they are not the size of what the original ones were(a little bit smaller & lighter in colour) but perhaps were young ones. I couldn't believe that they were there because ever since being bitten initially, i have only felt them inside my body not on the surface, my head sinuses,nose,mouth(including eeth),ears(1st to have happen following throat & are really bad),eyes,neck,throat,shoulders are the worst areas which have been taken over-lungs aren't far behind nor one other place.So i couldn't expect to find what i absolutely did find-only once though-& i did not mistake nor imagine- i sighted a mite- better yet there was a fibre attached to it.It was a light pink one & was located exactly central to it's body on the top & about a third of it's body length down from it's head end just like where a whales blowhole is. This was at one end & the other end was inserted within my skin. the fibre looked to be roughly 3 times the mites length & even though there was excess fibre length between the mite and the distance it was away from the fixed end- the fibre didn't lag,instead had arched the remaining length (in the shape of a rainbow way) upwards rather than settling down flat like i would have expected - as if for eg a piece of rope would flop if it was longer than the 2 points it was bound at-yet it was like what would be the case if you had a wire coathanger longer than the 2 points it was fixed to & you bent (arched)it upwards as i said like a rainbow.Is it rigid or what i haven't a clue,i don't even know if it's a breathing device(even though it shouldn't need one-maybe when it's tunnelling it does?) or equivilant to a bungee cord & uses it to keep the originalspot already chosen as home so it doesn't lose it's bearings whilst out egg laying perhaps? I forgot to say it would appear they have surfaced to lay eggs- i also found clear bubble type of sack which with my elecmicroscope i could see in detail a clear mite practically ready to hatch by the look of the form it's body had already grown into.I also think this because spring/summer was not only when i was initially bitten but also the time of year my body goes through it's worst,so when i actually saw the mites this year (08) things made sense as to why i was hit particularily hard during these periods without fail. I had also seen one with it's head end already buried & it's back half still above the surface. I found empty bodies & was happy-thinking they were dead, only to learn days later that mites shed their shellcase as they grow(although was deflating)-this is which now explains why on most occasions there was another living mite close by them.
Out of all this season of looking - a total of one only , had a fibre connected to it (the fibres are normally attached to my skin with no mite in sight vice versa being the mites are usually without fibres) All other mites were (as what i'd known as normal for them) without fibre connections.
While discussing fibres i'll note - only the blue/dark & light/white fibres are found on me in bundles. The red/pink/white only ever on top as a single strand, sewn in or partiallt attached - never balled or wrapped around my hair strands which is what the dark blue ones do- they appear like the stingers on a blue bottle-same colour & even looks the same substance it's made from (& same shape/ texture). These coilk & curl, tightly secured to any selected strand (this prevents me having my imposter hair tied up too long becasuse my brain signals start to short circuit (is the best way i can describe the disorientating pain & feelings associated with this). The blue also lay on the surface & particially sew. I get crystal type of jewel looking things in assorted bright colours-light blue, emerald green,creaming soda coloured red,purple, & orange shaped like gems- Also the blue bottle ressemblance strikes again, - instead of the stingers, these look like the top blue bottle bit but of course smaller & lay with other fibres (of another appearance) on my skin- these found on shoulders,chin,cheeks (just like the mites are).
Every single one of these things could be seen by a dr but no one has shown any interest to even check.Just as (although bizarre sounding) my hair could be unwound by another person demonstrating my sewn up nightmare, yet again still, no one has given me the opportunity.
So for the record i really do feel certain that bird mites cause what is known as morgellons it's that plain, simple & scary & it is being wrongfully ignored by so called medical professionals whom of which our lives are in their hands- not really a good thing for any of us clearly (if you happen to get sick sometime in your life that is).
Summing up i have not even so much as mentioned the personal devastation & suffering within my life/social circumstances nor the rest of what can easily be labelled as unbelievable (due to outrageous occurances)which i have also endured - as if the illness alone isn't bad enough as it is, since it wouldn't help cure anyone but people should bare in mind whole lives in every aspect can & are being destroyed irrepairably by this terrible fate - clearly society needs a restoration of humanity -nothing like this should ever occur to fellow people.

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