Monday, January 5, 2009

Are Birdmites responsible for Morgellons?

If i had to give an answer to the above question it would have to be yes.

To begin it's best i state my reasons for writing this in the first place -currently the Centre For Disease Control (cdc) is nearing the end of an investigation which is in regards to a condition known by sufferers as Morgellons and named Unexplained Dermopathy by the cdc.This is a condition that all who endure it are still being wrongly labelled as delusional.

Although complaints associated with these unbearable symptoms began quite some time ago- this investigation by the cdc is the first official attempt to seek answers and a cause to what nearly everybody sees as a mystery. However i am in a position where i don't need to try to find the cause - it undenyably found me. Explanations will soon follow so you can decide for yourselves if my conclusions are correct.

Right now though, i will make clear that i don't particularly consider any success to be likely to result from the cdc - due to an early apparent leak in which a source claimed they weren't actually going to create a new and applicable study-instead they are just using an old syphlus one from yrs ago to get it over with so the pressure (which they had been receiving from congress in relation to this matter [being due to public insistance]) would be off their back. As great as my desire is to honestly believe this scenario(or even a similar one) would be totally impossible- when i take into account how my high regards for doctors had already been severely misplaced, i'm left feeling like perhaps it's not a bad idea to share my personal experience & other discoveries.

Creating further concern is the fact that i am certain Bird Mites are indeed responsible for this ignored illness. This being the case, i suggest a quick look through medical history - you'll discover insect/anthropod etc borne infectious diseases have proven to be a nightmare for the scientists trying to prove them and create public awareness. They'd been labelled as insane, had their career/ respectable reputations disgraced, lost all honour (Undeservingly keep in mind) also as i recall at least one had to go so far as to willingly be bitten by an infected mozzie allowing for him to once and for all display his theories as true - so naturally no scientist in the medical field would be willing to even attempt any research at such great risk.Other problems are those who study insects/ticks/mites etc. only study the insects themselves, not their effect on humans and drs who treat humans don't study insects etc nor any parasites/viruses/diseases transmitted or even caused by them-they only go from their medical book, so if it's not in there- regardless of what you may be suffering from- then they will conclude that you simply don't have it.In the case of Morgellons victims being classified as delusional they(including myself)haven't even been thouroughly examined.Delusion is supposed to be a diagnosis of elimination- if every available test is done and the results are clear THEN and only then should delusion be referred to.So if i can sit at home with a childs toy & lge screen digital tv(eyeclops bionic eye electromicroscope 200x magnification.) and find the proof, how any dr- none of who have so much as even checked - go straight for crazy?(that's not even mentioning the many witnesses i had to these mites, bites & baldness i'll elaborate soon) yet that is what is continually happening to morgellons sufferers, when every human should be able to go to the dr for HELP i cannot rest with how wrong this is, especially when i'm aware of the debilitation, pain, embarrassment & degrading humiliation that comes hand in hand with the condition. So in the hope that perhaps one day it may mean something to the right person so things can finally be done about it - we've all waited far too long already as it is for progress to be made so i'm getting all of this out.

SECTION ONE:- This is where i'll be explaining my circumstances from which inarguably caused mine,the confirmation which followed with remarkable consistencies will be seperated to avoid confusion.If any person reading this is impatient & just wants brief info-i'll summise what details are enclosed in this section.Simply put the point is ' i was unmistakingly bitten by bird mites in 2004 & this led to many strange, ongoing symptoms'.In case of relevance for any researcher i've covered all the facts of the environmental situation for the purpose of exact understanding, so there'll be no case of leaving out anything of potential importance. Here goes, back in 2004 i had been in bed with glandular fever.There were ulcers in my throat & it was inflamed so i was staying in bed to sleep it off(having had it before & gone to the dr & still advised rest was all i could do as the best way to recover as quickly as i could) At this time my partner had a tree cut down next to the bedroom, a nest had been in it & since the tree was gone my partner put the nest on the guttering/drain type of thing outside the bedroom window so the birds would be alright.They were starlings & being confined to bed the birds became something i would watch regularly.I saw their babies hatch & kept an eye on them.During this time the stump had been removed(seperate from the day it was chopped) as a result of this a pipe was broken and water flooded the garden bed.This had soil which contained fertilizers,weed killers,pesticides all of those kinds of things.The birds however(parents only) took the opportunity to use this water as a bath & since starting to do so, something shocking happened.When i witnessed a baby fall from the nest due to overcrowding, i rushed outside to put him back & that was when i first saw the mites. They were absolutly everywhere scurrying around- i don't just mean on the birds themselves (& trust me they were riddled with them) but also in the nest, down the wall of the house & covered a brick fence which is adjoining the wall the nest is on. [Before the garden flooded i hadn't seen any as i went to look closly at the babies when they were born and i assure you an infestation is not something that can be overlooked due to the huge numbers of the fast moving critters,so because i hadn't spotted them prior to the water, i at first thought it was a contributing factor to what was about to go wrong with my body (until i found others going through the same thing that is).] My actions consisted of replacing the baby & upon discovering they were on my hands,making their way up my wrists,i momentarily observed them-finding them to be both red & what looked like black but may have been very dark brown.Then i wiped them off me & immediately showered afterwards to be certain none were still remaining,then back to bed i went.When my partner got home i informed him of the situation & how the nest urgently needed to be moved away from the house,i also urged him to be careful when he did it that they didn't end up on him because they're quick,naturally presuming that if they obviously bite birds & live off their blood,then just as fleas will bite any human they encounter by chance rather than searching for another dog these mites would also do the same.I even nagged him to shower afterwards to be on the safe side rather than risk potentially getting bitten by any of them.Regardless of my caution towards them(in Jan of that year i had already been bitten all over my legs by sugar ants & they were agonising & took alot of patience to heal in response to seemingly infected bites[ i was the only one in this house to be bitten aswell incredibly, even though they were everywhere around ,near everyone not just me-by the way didn't go to dr for this either,i just personally dealt with it, so just because i didn't go to dr when i 1st got mite bites means nothing-i still wouldn't ever have gone if i hadn't discovered other sufferers who i wanted to give answers to so we could all get help)] So had already learned the hard way about how any insect/anthropod/so on, even if you would not think to expect it, are capable human predators when presented with the ideal opportunity), my efforts to stress to my partner the importance of ensuring we don't get eaten alive like the birds he still viewed these mites as no big deal.It was already too late for him to relocate the nest that day so it was left until daytime.When he transferred the nest i was asleep & even though he knew i'd already seen them for myself,my partner still found himself so impressed with the plentitude of mites he came into the bedroom to wake me up, showing me just how many there are & how that was only the ones on him,that i should see how many are on the walls & birds.Although still half asleep once able to comprehend the situation enough i assured him that of course i'd already seen the amount for myself & even though i was completly baffled by why he would dare to bring them inside, when i saw that they were now crawling on the bed where he leant over to get closer to me, i again emphasied to him the importance in getting rid of every last one & to take a shower right away.Since he confirmed he understood i continued straight back to sleep due to fatigue ,with no good reason to suspect anything wouldn't be handled appropriatly-everything seemed under control.Instead i woke to find myself completly covered in bites -he only removed the ones(mites) still on him. my bites were open, raised with a crater in the centre type bites & some which were blistery & filled with white gunk sort of like a pimple.Both types were agonising & felt as if they were burning, even the air on them as i moved would ache.I literally had these head to toe all over me & my dogs who had been in bed also had bites i could see on their bellies-one even had a mite semi buried which i was able to squeeze out of him. In response to this i spent many consecutive hours soaking in the bath(water stopped air reaching my open wounds & was all i could do to soothe them) with tea tree oil hydrogen peroxide,salt, epsom salt & eventually eucalyptus oil which i found the most relief from aswell as covering my bites in betadine etc. All this proved to be to no avail when it came to helping them heal.Fibres & granuals appeared & the worst feeling of my ears sinuses,throat,eyes were even being invaded(much more occured but they will be discussed in sect.2),aswell as this sunlight became unbearable-my eyes wouldn't just water but also sting to the point that i couldn't hold them open so of course as a result i had been restricted to remaining indoors only.Next came the dizziness,headspins, blackouts & constantly losing my track of thought which are disturbing issues plaguing me thanks to this occuring. Worse still, my hair started to fall out bit by bit at first it began just at the back, yet worked it's way forward until huge clumps were dropping out and then i was completly bald(i am female by the way). It didn't end there , my eyebrows on my right side went bald all at once, then my right eyelashes fell out, the left side the same thing happened but just in patches not as bad as all ot once, another symptom of mine is that when my hair slowly returned (eyebrows & lashes replaced in normal times -not the case with my head it was very slow growing & hadn't recovered in the way it was supposed to) here is the part that has contributed to the majority of my pain & debilitation(again it sounds like madness but is the truth) my hair now sews me up with itself within my body-the 1st time this happened it was choking my throat just before my hair fell out-yet it was beneath my skin not above the surface that this took place & it feels somehow as if to be electromagnectically connected to all areas of my body,this has even led to my appearance being unchangably deformed,my head is the worst ,then lungs & another important zone so considering these circumstances i was at the stage of completly hiding from everybody & i sure wasn't going to the dr whilst going through this & trying to explain the entirely absurd situation i'd been facing so i continued to deal with this on my own because although i am positve these things commenced once i was bitten i always rationalised to myself that it must have been due to a combination of factors including having glandular fever mixed with the chemicals in the flooded soil,with perhaps having my blood poisoned by bird blood getting into my system from the same mites that already bit them & perhaps blood poisoning from the mites themselves straining my already compromised immunity. I would never have imagined people were out there who also knew the devastation i was experiencing(although not to the full extent which i give reasons for soon).So i stayed silent & in hiding , as my weakness,pain,fatigue and too odd to explain type of symptoms from nov dec 04 continued to worsen.Still in shock that this nightmare was even able to manifester,i received my next shock which provided me with a much needed dose of relief.
mites / connection & so on continued in SECOND SECTION:- which will follow shortly


  1. Dear Purity,
    I live in Florida at recieve at least 15 phone calls per week from Sufferers of Morgellons and Bird Mites. I have seen now over 100 persons with both and have spoken now to over 500 sufferers on the phone. The symptoms are
    so similar it is incredible, I learn because I listen and ask questions and give sufferers time to talk.
    People are hiding and calling me because they trust that I will never divulge their names and I do not ever debunk sufferers. Common Threads are:
    1. I have 32 people who were dirt haulers for the Government, not only do they have it but their secretaries and wives and some children.
    2. At least half of the people I have spoken to can't rid this in their homes due to the ineffectiveness and posioning of pesticides which will not kill this. People keep moving and get it again, why because they carry it with them in their furniture, clothing and bodies.
    3. Flooding, moldy environments, esposure to mites in their homes, pesticide workers, Rich,
    Poor, Black, White ect. This knows no socioeconomic boundaries.
    4. People who work with and many who have animals and work on Farms are getting this.
    I could go on and on.
    I am working with Dr James Matthews, Dr Susan Kolb and Dr Cheryl Reed in Florida. People are locked up in their houses hiding, losing their homes and families, jobs, comitting suicide ect. I believe mites are part and parcel of this syndroms along with other vectors and are in water and soil.
    The longer they use chemicals on their skin and environment the deeper this goes into the body. The brain fog (I believe) is the toxins that are accumulating in the skin getting past the blood brain barrier and causing Neurological problems, confusion, twitching, poor vision (floaters) strange sounds in their heads (that are not auditory halloucinations)
    Endocrine disruption as this increases, thyroid, pancreatic and estrogen are affected also.
    I have extracted mites, worms, funguses, fibers, flies ect out of peoples skin in an
    Observation Oct 2006. My slides do not lie.
    The MRF and the Charles E Homan Foundation deny the existance of parasites, they also deny the existance of the magnetic attraction that people have when they suffer the symptoms of this "Syndrome".
    There is a biofilm that keeps these organisms under the skin, until that biofilm is pierced they can not get well. This is a disease that can not be SHUT DOWN under the skin or it will propogate and create more biofilms and toxins.
    What lies within must come out.
    That is through baths, cleansing practices, detoxification of the body, Alkalining the body with PH Buffer and more.
    Lastly, I have fought for sufferers for 3 years
    this is the next epidemic and the medical community better wake up and realize that all their drugs are not going to cure this.
    It requires a change in lifestyle, use of organic cleaners, no pyrethines or chemical pesticides. Thank you for bringing this out.
    I am usually the one that people call after being treated like garbage by the Medical Community.
    Trisha Springstead RN

  2. Thank you Trisha the section 3 is where i feel stupid because it is my own work(although i did make sure it was scientically correct) it really seems confusing when i try to explain to anyone i talk to & and am having the same difficulty typing it out in the sequence i found it aswell as trying to describe it in a general way for anyone to understand (also i made sure i had written so no misunderstanding that it is only my hypothesis which i've stated in it so cant be certain about facts or manage to further eliminate any possibly irrelevant factors i have gone as far as i can without a lab!)& that's why i haven't written it all out properly yet-it's the hard part!it is my research explaining the water/ chem/soil climate link which i have had to go through all my notes again to write it properly -looking through though, i changed things to be brief instead now-don't often get to have much time on the typing part so i simplified everything for my sake & i thought i may very well be going on about something that didn't alter the mites so i thought i'd spare everyone the confusion(with person i live with friends always in the room with computer thats y it is near impossible to finish typing everything i have to then my computer wouldn't connect to the server to save so i've lost work & had to redo what i had typed out & thought no one would read it let alone know what i'm talking about!i just didn't want to die without trying to help the world by at least sharing this. i can finish my draft off today i know i'm able to get to the computer! & i don't need to keep looking for anymore of my notes) Thank you also for being aware of soil chem link because i hadn't found anyone anywhere with anything written in realtion to it so i've so left it til the end to finish writng as i really feel like an idiot due to uncertainty -it only is a highly likely claim i've made not a fact like - how the mites are definately one. so at least i can stop feeling dumb about it because of your comment & get all the energy i need for typing!, as i get around to finally completing my blog.something funny-- i wrote that i must have needlessly studied all the listed things because i hadn't read anyone back up my suspicions now you have and i've already typed that bit out stating that i am more than likely going over the top only including due to the points having actually matched up so can't let any of it go as possible contributers all this is in the confirmed section 3 which is the only one left i am still going on because of so many note i've sorted to include in section3 i now have decided because i couldn't for a fact be certain(unti now!-just a little bit too late)it was connected that i would skip the whole technical side of details as they would only help/concern researches /scientists studying this(& there aren't any from what i'd found)as i could be way off so not to waste time & embarass myself too badly! -i only wrote out specifics in basic language for anybody to understand -if they finally get around to revealing birdmites -then i thought i would then add everything i can to help out of course but had decided i not waste my effort before then-so i've written it all properly now ready for the type up which is what i'm back to do -So Now it will all be without- what i know you will find important for absolute sure since you honestly seem to actually be aware of a connection regarding these matters - so i'll finish my report-still as i have it written down without changing anything(still just basic with no detail) and i'll then go & write one all about the science to type out- so you can learn what i've found & see if you agree with any/all of that side of things for my interest sake if you would be interested in doing so because now it wouldn't seem like a waste nor so foolish! Thanks again i can be excited now you helped clear up the only possible doubt(not to mean that it was big-but it was there-not because it didn't make sense or add up, but because nothing anywhere to do with anything have details regarding these being an involved issue of concern that had occured with anyone) i had been harbouring out of all of it.
    final proper sect3 should appear tonight!

  3. my goodness i've only just finished typing & still haven't finished.when i quickly read the comment you made & i must offer
    my apologies Trisha, when i just re-read your message(it has made me so relieved to hear those things from you)i then read what i replied-which is a perfect example of trying to do things with people in the room i'm working in & talking to eachother & me while i'm trying to think about what i'm writing all at the same time-i can't manage to make any sense come out unless in complete peace -so sorry for the mixed up nonsense i previously wrote as a comment & i'll just leave it as saying thank you & i am now encouraged to write out everything (eventually!)without hesitation or concern of being crazy/or in any way misleading in a completly wrong direction.
    & the BIG thank you is not just from me for the comment but also from all humans(even the ones who haven't got a clue yet) for your selfless efforts applied to this cause-your contribution was what i had once thought to be the same way all drs.etc went about their work but now know it not to be the case at all- so proving you to be a truly special soul-please understand how greatful we all are to receive your help & support over this issue- even if we are not dealing with you really is worthy of so much appreciation from our(sufferers)behalf because it certainly does get you organising your chosen method of suicide figuring out all sorts of details, after so long (-& that's even being when i was fortunate enough to understand the cause throughout my entire 4yrs with this not left with a mystery-so i can only imagine how many would have killed themselves who hadn't been enlightened even with just that much knowledge it was all that had kept me going on this far & now even that's not enough)so your dependable shoulder would be of great importance even if you are unaware of this-u probably have saved lifes-just from listening to people desperatly in need of relief from all of this that's happening to them. stay well & thanks again