Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nearing the end of section three! (almost!!)

i am just going to assume that no one is seeing/reading this so i'm writing my notes to add as i need them can't forget

Points to include of importance with regards to my research investigations/findings & suspicions!!

just quick so i remember to include 3 people influ. strain type A & lethal in aust after floods & equine flu

chemical bogs devastating potency on environment

agent orange -dioxin yrs later consequences continue to remain

military test sites -(radiation? /baldness? ,glow? -- viruses with jellyfish flourocense.)

aurora (northern lights) caused as a result of Venus solar winds/gas/contaminates/bacteria--so looked into hole ozone layer/greenhouse gas damage to allow Earth to be faced with a much greater than usual vulnerability to outer atmospherical conditions/weather/properties,etc.

if meteors/ or if possible that space craft returning from a foreign environment back to earth bringing harmful organisms, simple single-celled, ready- for-successful, immediate, adaptation on our planet which are now compatable/life enabling beings ,happy to develop, undisturbed, on our earth

nanotech gm eng
sars birdflu china hid from general public to withhold panic etc

david kelly germ warfare / chemical weapons inspector mysteriously killed after finding& learning about viral etc warfare elements

if governments covering up this? & /or did they create it/&/or did it escape their labs/leak(even if unknowingly that later actually happened in england with mad cow dis & their careless authorities/workers) & get loose into the environ?.?

All main areas affected near military test bases /sites

nitrogen/atrizineetc.. --- even too much of any good variety of nutrient/element added to soil can be damaging /dangerous/poisonous with toxic effects & so fourth

same climates in my testing regions,same crops,water, chemicals in soil etc.(may not need to require overseas transmission,- could be locally established/mutated/ then spread via local bird &/or surrounding wildlife,)

gm crops

nano pest control/human made/formed /created adaptions

new strain of bird flu/span flu - i still think they are distant related strains even if my Doc. highly doubts me on this issue , so must consider since my lungs/airway/breathing/throat etc affected badly(but slowly) that mine may be the latest mutational phase it was adapting to &fact came from birdmites which were living on BIRDS!!!(starlings)!! & my environment was contaminated(pesticides,fert,weedkiller etc)/had altered properties(flooded soil) not usually found/common in untouched nature as adapted to using nowadays-- Remembering of course mine Definately for an absolute certain fact may be a possible relative of them.even while assuming i'm insane my dr gave what i requested but informed me in this country is heavily stockpiled & i would find it very expensive $50 for 7 one time only needed dose isn't bad surely?) still gave me tamiflu & i tracked down a box i could get with my script--only problem then was i learned must be used within 28days of exposure too infection to be able to work as it should - any longer afterwards than that & the invading organism can then instead adapt a newfound immunity building mutation(like our vacc. shots.) making it resistant to not only the currently in use treatment but can also resist (any similar further ones/& or other strains aswell) to wind up helping the estabishment/over-running/invading) whole outcome benefiting only them & only risking my health further since i was two years too late to take it for effectiveness or else i still reckon had the suitable properties to have made it work for me to some degree

*** have since learnt to date 15 known identified sub'types of influenza virus compatable with humans found in birds (local&migrating ) species
soil/water create ideal environ for virus/bacteria/fungus etc

birds are now realised as just as important if not really more so because they fly out of local range as host for plague like diseases just as bad (is really worse ) as rats, bats,& other learned origins supported factors

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